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Auditions for The Sound of Music (Getting to Know)
Auditions: March 13th
Who: Ages 8-17
We will begin taking audition appointments February 27th. Call the box office (801-226-8600) to schedule an audition.

Always in session

Registration will begin December 4th and will be available online or in the box office (801-226-8600).

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Have you always had the secret desire to be on stage and perform? Hale Center Theater Orem holds open auditions for each production. Many actors have started Broadway and Hollywood careers by acting at HCTO. You could be next. Come and audition!

Hale Center Academy for the Performing Arts

Skills are developed through the performing arts that benefit people in many areas of life. Students have gone through our education department and commented on how it has become easier for them to focus in school and follow through with their growing responsibilities. They memorize historical and mathematical facts with greater ease. Relationships with family and friends are strengthened as a result of being part of a working cast of players. Students see from the first day that they are in a company of players that will assist and support them in the development of their skills. They find friends who share their same interests and the process of performing on stage together builds a greater sense of confidence. Performing in front of others requires them to walk and talk with a stronger understanding of themselves.

~Ryan RadebaughTheater School Director