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Pillow Talk


Auditions for Pillow Talk will be held, by appointment only, June 12th.

These auditions will be held at Hale Studios located at 537 N. 1200 W. in Orem.

The box office will start taking audition appointments beginning, May 31st. Appointments may be made by calling the box office at 801-226-8600.

Please prepare one of the sides from the script for your audition. (If you would prefer, you are welcome to prepare a one minute monologue in the style of the show instead of a script side.) 

Audition sides will be available HERE on or before June 5th. We will only have time to hear one side per person. A reader will be provided. We will have limited copies of sides available at the audition. Headshots and resumes are encouraged.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to fill out the appropriate paperwork before your audition time.

Pillow Talk will be directed by Barta Heiner.

Callbacks, by invitation only, will be Saturday, June 17th.

Anyone who is unable to attend the initial audition may submit a video. Please send your video along with a headshot, resume, and your audition form to no later than June 11th to be considered for callbacks. You may download your audition form HERE.

Character Descriptions
(We will not have audition sides for every role listed below because some actors will play multiple roles.  If there is no side for the part in which you are most interested, please choose an alternate side.)

JAN MORROW (Female; age 25-35) Attractive full-time career girl, well organized.

JONATHAN FORBES (Male; age 30-35) Nattily dressed young businessman.

BRAD ALLEN (Male; age 30-35) A handsome man in sports clothes.

ALMA (Female; age 50-65) A wry and witty by-the-day house worker, dressed in work clothes.

PIEROT (Male; age 25-35) Elegantly dressed but very nervous young man; works with Jan.

MRS. WALTERS (Female; age 40-50) A stylish, wealthy woman who doesn't take much seriously.

TONY WALTERS (Male; age 18-23) A college boy, son of Mrs. Walters.

MARIE (Female; age 20-30) A tall, attractive, highly made-up "show girl," wearing a dressing gown, friend of Brad.

EILEEN (Female; age 20-30) A sophisticated girl wearing high-fashion clothes, friend of Brad.    

YVETTE (Female; age 20-30) Another sophisticated girl wearing a bright sweater and toreador pants, friend of Brad.

MISS DICKENSON (Female; age 20-30) A pretty, young inspector from the telephone company.

MISS CONRAD (Female; age 40-60) An executive at the telephone company.

BESSIE (Female; age 50-60) A pleasant woman in a maid's uniform - Brad's maid.

MRS. FROST (Female; age 40-50) Jan's prospective client.

MRS. AMES (Female; age 40-50) Jan's prospective client.

GRAHAM (Male; age 30-50) A private detective.

TILDA (Female; age 20-30) Jan's assistant.

ANN (Female; age 20-30) Jan's assistant.