Emma: The Musical

In light of recent events, we have made some changes to our audition process. Please read carefully:

Auditions for Emma: The Musical will be held, BY VIDEO SUBMISSION ONLY. Specific details about video submission are below.
Video or in-person callbacks, by invitation only, will follow on February 5th.

Emma: The Musical will be directed by Rodger Sorensen with music direction by Justin Bills.
 SPECIAL NOTE: To stay in line with the guidance from the CDC, State, and local Health Department all actors must wear masks during all rehearsals. It is possible that we will require all actors to perform in masks, face shields, or a combination of the two. If you have health or personal concerns that would keep you from rehearsing or performing in a mask or shield, please consider that before submitting an audition.

Please prepare 16 bars of a song in the style of the show. 
YouTube links and non-secured Google Drive links are easiest. Many people will be watching your audition video and open links make it the most simple for everyone to access.

Please send your video along with a headshot, resume, and your audition form to no later than 11:59pm on January 27th to be considered. 
Link to fill out the digital audition form is below.

The audition form is available here.

Character Descriptions

The characters are larger-than-life, bold in their actions, and all performed within the context of early 19th century England. All roles are available and will be double cast. All ethnicities and body types are encouraged to audition.

EMMA WOODHOUSE (Female; Early Twenties)

A 21-year-old aristocrat; naive, conceited and self-serving - but in the most delightful way. It is in sharing the inner workings of her mind directly to the audience that we become utterly charmed by her and that the depth of humor in the role is revealed. VOCAL RANGE: F#3 - D#5

MR. KNIGHTLEY (Male; Late Twenties)

Emma’s wealthy neighbor; at the surface sarcastic, wry and always ready for the sport of a good argument. Beneath this veneer is a man of impeccable moral standards and a sincere affection and nearly paternal instinct to see Emma be her best self. VOCAL RANGE: G2 - Ab4

HARRIET SMITH (Female; Late Teens/Early Twenties)

Emma’s “recently acquired” best friend; socially awkward and quirky - but also wide-eyed, innately optimistic, and inherently free of malice. VOCAL RANGE: A3 - A5

MISS BATES (Female; Mid Thirties)

Emma's old friend; a chatty, mile-a-minute motor mouth — lovable despite her unending observations about the world around her. The Bates’s inhabit a social class beneath Emma’s; and so, it is with bubbling enthusiasm and rampant (harmless) gossip - instead of money - that Miss Bates buys her way into Emma’s social circle. VOCAL RANGE: Bb3 - E5

JANE FAIRFAX (Female; Mid Twenties)

Miss Bates’ niece; beautiful, talented, elegant, and soft-spoken — also keenly observant of the world and the people around her. VOCAL RANGE: Bb3 - B5

MR. ELTON (Male; Mid Thirties)

The vicar of Highbury; with no higher opinion than that for himself. Constitutionally incapable of tempering his opinions with any sense of modesty or thinking about anyone’s feelings but his own. VOCAL RANGE: Bb2 - G4

FRANK CHURCHILL (Male; Mid Twenties)

Mr. Weston’s son; as handsome and polished as Emma always imagined him to be. Beneath the manners lies a mischievousness that is not immediately perceptible. VOCAL RANGE: Bb2 - G#4

MR. WOODHOUSE (Male; 50s-60s)

Emma’s father; old beyond his years, fearful of anything new (or “change” in any sense) and crotchety to a hilt - while also utterly harmless and completely lovable. VOCAL RANGE: A3 - E4

ROBERT MARTIN (Male; Late Twenties)

A local farmer: boyish, and innately well-meaning. Like Harriet, innately optimistic, pure in his intentions, and utterly un-self-aware. VOCAL RANGE: Bb2 - Ab4

MR. WESTON (Male; Late Forties)

Emma's calm and well-mannered neighbor; married to Emma’s oldest friend. VOCAL RANGE: Bb3 -E4

MRS. WESTON (Female; Early Forties)

Mr. Weston's wife; Emma’s former governess, best friend and favorite commiserator. VOCAL RANGE: Bb3 - E5


MRS. ELTON: Mr. Elton's wife; her exaggerated mannerisms, choice of words and lack of any sense of decorum bely her humble class-roots. A true match for Mr. Elton. / MISS ELIZABETH MARTIN: Sister to Robert Martin. / MRS. BATES: Miss Bates' mother, not quite as hard of hearing as Miss Bates believes. (Although the actress will be cast younger, MRS. BATES is around 60 years old.) VOCAL RANGE: Bb3 - E5


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