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Auditions for Oliver! will be held, BY VIDEO SUBMISSION ONLY. Videos must be received no later than 11:59pm on Saturday, February 25th to be considered for callbacks. Specific details about video submission are below.

will be directed and choreographed by Ashley Gardner Carlson, with music direction by DeLayne Bluth Dayton.

In-person callbacks, by invitation only, are scheduled for March 4, 2023. Details will be included if invited to callbacks. 
Rehearsals will begin on or around April 10, 2023.
This page will be updated when callback invitations and casting have been sent.

At Hale Center Theater Orem we seek to honor the intentions of the works we produce. If nothing specific is given by the original playwright regarding the characteristics of any given role, and/or if those characteristics do not affect the intended story in any significant way, we will not consider any certain person or type over others when casting. 
We invite anyone and everyone to audition for any and all of our productions, regardless of any physical attribute, gender, race, age, ability, ethnicity, or experience. All are welcome at HCTO.

Video Audition Details:
Please film yourself performing 16 bars of a traditional musical theatre song in the style of the show. Please no a capella submissions. 
When preparing your video submission, please slate stating your name and age (if under 18) and record vertically (full body) in a well-lit space.

YouTube links and non-secured Google Drive links are the easiest. Many people will be watching your audition video and open links make it the most simple for everyone to access.

Please send your video along with a headshot and resume to no later than February 25, 2022 at 11:59pm to be considered for callbacks. 

The audition form is available here.

Character Descriptions

All roles are available. We are looking for a diverse cast with a variety of body types.

OLIVER (Character is male, cis or transgender, 9-13 years old; any ethnicity)

An orphaned workhouse boy. Bright, innocent, clever, and winning. He has a heroic air about him. Sweet and kind hearted. Must have an unchanged voice and speak in a British dialect. PRINCIPAL.

FAGIN (Character is male, cis or transgender, 45-65; any ethnicity)

The charismatic, miserly leader of a children’s band of thieves. Cockney accent. A thief and fence, his charm masks a paranoid and selfish soul. A conniving, unscrupulous con-man, yet very personable and lovable. A pied piper. Strong character actor and singer. Vocal Range Bari-tenor A2-F4. Has excellent comedic timing. PRINCIPAL.

NANCY (Character is female, cis or transgender, 25-35; any ethnicity)

When she was younger worked for Fagin. Now a prostitute. She is in love with and is girlfriend to, the abusive Bill Sykes and has a heart of gold. Takes a liking to Oliver and becomes somewhat of his guardian. Warm-hearted, street smart and fun, but longs for a better life. Strong actress and singer, vocal range mezzo F3-D5. Should have decent movement skills. Cockney accent. Has a strong belt. PRINCIPAL.

BILL SIKES (Character is male, cis or transgender, 35-50; any ethnicity)

Worked for Fagin as a youth and is now a feared master criminal. Nancy’s boyfriend. A brutal, harsh, menacing, abusive man that always puts himself first. Strikes fear in anyone he meets. Very strong actor and singer. Cockney accent. Physically imposing and in his prime. Good looking in a rough, weathered sort of way. Vocal range baritone G2-D4. PRINCIPAL.

ARTFUL DODGER (Character is male, cis or transgender, 13-18; any ethnicity)

Very energetic, highly personable, intelligent and savvy beyond his years. Fagin’s right hand “man”. He is a skilled pickpocket and befriends Oliver. He is full of life and seems to always be bursting with new ideas and a sense of adventure. Charming and energetic. Must be a dynamic actor, singer, and dancer. Vocal range A3-F5. Cockney accent. PRINCIPAL.

MR. BUMBLE (Character is male, cis or transgender, 40– 60; any ethnicity)

The Master of the Workhouse. A big man, in girth and ego. A large, pompous, self-important and corrupt bureaucrat. Comic, yet threatening. Strong singer, bari-tenor D3-A4. Cockney accent. PRINCIPAL.

WIDOW CORNEY (Character is female, cis or transgender, 45– 55; any ethnicity)

The Mistress of the Workhouse. Sharp tongued, domineering widow. Brazen and corrupt. Legit Soprano. Cockney accent. PRINCIPAL.

MR. BROWNLOW (Character is male, cis or transgender, 50s – 60s; any ethnicity)

An upper-middle class gentleman. A kind man of wealth and good-breeding. Warm and grandfatherly. British (not Cockney) accent. Doubles into ensemble.

MR. SOWERBERRY (Character is male, cis or transgender, 40-60; any ethnicity)

A sour and unhappy undertaker. Will also be in the ensemble. Baritone C3-F4. Will also play Dr. Grimwig.

MRS. SOWERBERRY (Character is female, cis or transgender, 35-55; any ethnicity)

Sour and unhappy wife of the sour and unhappy undertaker. Will also be in the ensemble. Alto or soprano C4-F5. Will also play Mrs. Bedwin.

BET (Character is female, cis or transgender, 16-25; any ethnicity)

Nancy’s friend, may also have worked for Fagin, singer/actress should move well. Cockney accent. She idolizes Nancy.

NOAH CLAYPOLE (Character is male, cis or transgender, 18-25; any ethnicity)

Undertaker’s apprentice. Actor. Cockney accent. May have also come from Workhouse. Feels threatened by, dislikes and torments Oliver. Sadistic brat. Doubles into ensemble.

CHARLOTTE (Character is female, cis or transgender, 16-21; any ethnicity)

Sowerberry’s daughter. Actress. Cockney accent. Attracted to Noah, gets around. Doubles into ensemble.

DR. GRIMWIG (Character is male, cis or transgender, 35-55; any ethnicity)

Actor. British (not Cockney) accent. Upper class, friend of Mr. Brownlow. Will also play Mr. Sowerberry.

MRS. BEDWIN (Character is female, cis or transgender, 35-55; any ethnicity)

Housekeeper. British (not Cockney) accent. Works for Mr. Brownlow. Warm personality. Will also play Mrs. Sowerberry.

WORKHOUSE & FAGIN BOYS (All genders, youth who LOOK 8-14; any ethnicity)

Bright and personable. Roles include Dodger’s friend Charley. Indicate if you have any special skills such as acrobatics, tumbling, dance, etc. Cockney accents. All individuals cast will do both Workhouse and Fagin Boys, also some ensemble work in the song “Who Will Buy?”.

FEATURED ENSEMBLE (All genders, age 16+; any ethnicity)

Singers (all voice types), characters with Cockney and traditional British accents. Included in this are the “featured” soloists: The Rose Seller (mezzo), Strawberry Seller (soprano), Milk Maid (soprano), Knife Grinder (baritone) and Long Song Seller (tenor), Old Sally and Old Lady (Cockney accents), and The Chairman.


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